Great Tibetan Meditation Practice

The Great Tibetan Meditation Practice employs a systematic approach that incorporates elements of rigorous scientific principles, nutrition, medicine, and feng shui to help adjust the body's biological energies ("bio-energy") and maintain its homeostatic processes, reducing the afflictions of body and mind.

The human body and our universe share a common constituency, that of a common energy field (Einstein's famous formula, E=mc2, reminds us of the interchangeability of matter and energy). Humans can thus be considered a form of energy. Our illnesses arise from a perturbation of our bio-energy. The Great Tibetan Meditation Practice helps harness and absorb the pure universal energy and hastening our healing processes by restoring and strengthening our bio-energetic states.

The intention of the Great Tibetan Meditation Practice is to improve one's health and should be regarded as a non-religious activity

The series of meditation courses helps us to explore our body using experimental methods of modern science and medicine, demonstrating that the human body is the world's largest treasure!

Upon learning the Great Tibetan Meditation Practices, one can immediately benefit from its effectiveness and achieve improved results with constant practice.

  • Student Conduct
  • An Ethical Mind | Perform Virtuous Deeds | Avoid Bad Deeds
  • Respect Elders | Cherish the Young | Foster Compassion and Wisdom
  • Diligent Practice Increases Effectiveness
  • Learn, Then Practice | Practice Improves Effectiveness | With Dedicated Effort, Fears of Afflictions Are Allayed
  • Relaxation and Tranquility, Peaceful Mind | Go with the Flow