Yuandan Trinley Dorje Rinpoche has developed a complete series of retreats and meditation courses to help improve the lives of men and women of all ages and ethnicities.
The coursework covers the fundamentals of Dzogchen practice and Tibetan Buddhism and provides introductory meditation techniques, Buddhist sutra recitation, visualization techniques, and preliminary practices (ngondro).
The Dzogchen course represents a comprehensive series of lessons developed by Rinpoche. Through these practices, one can gradually attain the ultimate Tibetan Buddhist objectives of compassion and wisdom.
Every meditation center is guided by experienced instructors who provide attendees with a variety of introductory programs and information that help them select the most appropriate curriculum.

Basic Meditation Courses
We all yearn for happiness, but the pressures and challenges encountered in daily life preclude us from discovering true happiness.
Through the wisdom of meditation, we can find inner peace and contentment and maintain a subtle awareness to help us rid ourselves of troubling thoughts and emotions. Our true nature is already within us, and through meditation we are able to gradually restore our essence of mind.
The meditation courses developed by Rinpoche teach participants to experience ancient Tibetan wisdom methods to enrich their daily lives.
Under the guidance of experienced instructors, participants have the potential to inspire within themselves increased confidence, compassion, creativity, and other practical, real-life benefits.

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Life
These courses on Tibetan Buddhism provide a general introduction, including the precepts and preliminary Dzogchen practices.

Practicing Compassion and Wisdom
Rinpoche has developed simple, easy-to-learn practices to foster our senses of compassion and wisdom.

Advanced Practice
Meditation guidance for body, mind and soul
Practices to attain inner peace and contentment
Mindfulness practices help foster a sense of compassion, sustaining our minds in a balanced condition and maintaining positive thoughts, and therefore helping us to recognize our essence of mind.
Guru Yoga
The Ultimate Achievement
”Ultimate Achievement” represents the foundational traditions of Dzogchen practice. Rinpoche is well-versed in applying these teachings that are commensurate with the disciples’ abilities.

Transforming Mind
Modern life is full of uncertainties. Each one of us is plagued by our fears and desires. Through the practices, one can cease being bound by pain and suffering in life, and instead we will enter a realm of luminous mind.

Compassion and Bodhicitta
To cultivate compassion is also to cultivate wisdom, which together comprises bodhicitta. Only by cultivating compassion can we attain a bright and luminous mind. Rinpoche has developed a series of courses utilizing simple techniques to aid in cultivating bodhicitta. Practices are conducted under the supervision of Rinpoche and his instructors.

Advanced Courses
Please contact the meditation centers for more information.