Yundan Trinley Dorje Rinpoche states;

The purpose of my life is to guide all sentient beings away from suffering, wishing for their happiness and health, and most importantly, to help them attain transcendent wisdom.

To accomplish these goals, my body and mind must be healthy and pure, unified in body, mind and soul.

To all universal sentient beings, take refuge in the Guru, Buddha, and sangha. Take refuge in the Guru's yidam and dakini and in the vast expanse of luminous emptiness.

The origins of disease arise from one's karma and other short-term factors, as well as imbalance in the Four Elements. May all such diseases be eradicated from this world.

May all sentient beings in the form and formless realms be unharmed by the 80,000 kinds of evil spirits, the 360 types of evil thoughts, and the 424 types of diseases.

May all sentient beings in the form and formless realms have radiance, health, longetivity and well-being. Due to the Guru's and Triple Gem's mercy, the dakinis and dharma protectors, the power of the devas and power of karmic laws´╝îmay all of these wishes immediately be fulfilled.