The contents of the lineage teachings are progress-oriented; we are able to realize more and more of our wisdom mind and Buddha-nature as we progress along the path. Dzogchen, or "Great Perfection", refers to both a practice and a teaching with the objective of realizing our innermost and primordial essence of mind The Dzogchen state is not accomplished using visualization techniques (such as visualizing the Buddha or a deity mandala), nor vital energy or qi exercises. Rather, the process involves entering and remaining directly in a state of non-dual awareness through meditation to ultimately perceive a pure Buddha mandala from within our heart. In practicing Dzogchen, even with an act of generating bodhicitta or just entering the Vajrayana path, it is possible for the practitioner to experience the nature of emptiness. Due to a fast-paced environment, lack of time, and other factors, some of the meditation techniques of modern-day practitioners may not be in accordance with ancient methods. Consequently, although the curricula developed by Yundan Trinley Dorje Rinpoche incorporates both religious and secular teachings, in practice the content fully encompasses elements of Dzogchen. Provided that the practitioner masters the fundamentals of the teachings, he or she will be able to make rapid progress towards realizing the Dzogchen concept of emptiness.

Yundan Trinley Dorje Rinpoche has produced a series of books and videos on the fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism, the importance of practicing the teachings, and various other instructional materials. These materials are available both online and in the meditation centers.